Famous bubble artists in focus 😉

Clown Pic (among others Circus Roncalli)

He was one of the first to use bubbles on the big stage. Many know him, many have experienced new bubble benchmarks with him. More info can be found on his website Clown Pic

Tom Noddy

Tom Noddy is considered the forefather of indoor tricks and has been enchanting enthusiastic audiences with his magic-like tricks, truly impressive structures and cabaret-like charm since the late 80s. Tom Noddy set the standards that are still used in show business today and always likes to add one more on top. There are great explanations on his website Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic. I highly recommend the following Youtube videos:

Here is a television appearance at the beginning of his career

Here is a virtual performance with great tricks from 2020, have fun imitating 😉

Pep Bou

The Catalan creates unique bubble experiences with sensational shows, comedic talent and effects. With smoke, light and humor he inspires his audience and is in my opinion one of the greats. So if you are ever in Barcelona, definitely go there. You can find his dates and more info on the official website www.pepbou.com/en/.

Here are a few nice impressions:

And last but not least, a beautiful puppet production by a soap bubble artist: