Seifenblasenfabrik BubbleBo Augsburg
Seifenblasenfabrik BubbleBo Augsburg
Seifenblasenfabrik BubbleBo Augsburg
Seifenblasenfabrik BubbleBo Augsburg
Hochzeit mit Seifenblasen
Seifenblasenfabrik BubbleBo AugsburgSeifenblasenfabrik BubbleBo Augsburg

Sie möchten für Ihr Event einen Seifenblasenkünstler buchen?

At events of all kinds – giant bubble shows and interactive bubble stations are higly attractive, fascinating and interactive.

I have many years of experience as a bubble artist. At Photos and videos you will get a visual insight of my appearances and actions.

My actions are a colorful mixture of demonstration, animation, interaction, workshop & participation.

I offer both outdoor and indoor bubble blowing demonstrations and hands-on activities and am happy to adapt to your individual ideas.

Since every event has its own individual character, I am happy to adapt to your ideas. I also have sufficient experience and flexibility to be able to adapt immediately to the respective conditions.

Just send me your detailed request (type of event/occasion, address, date, time, duration of the assignment, number of children/guests, etc.) by e-mail to

For a consultation, you can reach me by phone at 01 77 – 71 17 80 6 (Börries Liebl) and by email.

Since there are also costs for the journey, it is important to know that I am located in Bobingen near Augsburg and that it must be worth the journey depending on the size of the event. The larger the event and the budget, the further it can be driven so that it is worthwhile for both sides. Z. For example, I serve large events with up to 400 km radius, but a children’s birthday party is a radius rather affordable by about 60 km. Kindergartens and schools within a radius of up to approx. 100 – 150 km.

1. public and private events

Giant bubbles are an attractive highlight for any event. From city festivals to company parties, from children’s birthday parties to wedding celebrations, from festivals to theater productions – you name it – giant bubbles are versatile and universally popular.

Examples of previous events: Roche 125. Company anniversary, Multivac company celebration, Wellbeing for Life- The Festival in the Olympic Park Munich, Schlossstraßenfest Göppingen, Theaterfest Augsburg, Naturtheaterfest Heidenheim, Reggae in Wulf, Rokoko-Festspiele Ansbach, Puppet Theater Festival Magdeburg, Stadtwerkefest Potsdam, Nickelodeon Kinderfest, Open Door at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture Berlin, Wasserfest Templin, Altonale/Stamp Hamburg, Klangtherapie Festival and many more…

Seifenblasenkünstler Bubblebo

2. Bubble shows and projects in social and cultural institutions

I have many years of experience as a bubble artist working with children and young people in social institutions of all kinds.

You can arrange the bubble action e.g. at a summer party in the kindergarten or school or as an educational offer for the children.

After an approx. 10-minute demonstration and introduction, followed by a short changeover break, the supervised hands-on activity begins. Here, the participants play with giant soap bubbles themselves, are supervised and guided. I am acutely aware of the educational value of bubble play, as I myself am a state-certified curative education nurse and work in the social sector as my main job.

You are also welcome to ask me for a project workshop for your institution or a vacation program. This involves making bubble toys with the children and caregivers and practicing the art skills of bubble making.

Bubble artist performance kindergarten

3. Cooperations with movie and television productions, advertising, photography & theater.

Please contact me with the detailed description of the project. I am looking forward to your creative ideas & pleasant cooperation! Previous partners e.g.: Verstehen Sie Spaß?, Leschs Kosmos (ZDF), Faszination Universum (ZDF), Pool Champions (RTL), commercial Deutsche Telekom, “Like a Bubble” music video with Melodyfarm.

4. Indoor-Shows

During an indoor show, I perform various soap bubble tricks with fog and light effects. Here, too, it is possible to join in after the show. The indoor show is particularly suitable for private events such as children’s birthday parties or weddings etc. and performances in social institutions of all kinds.

5. Workshops / Bastelwerkstatt

It’s great to see how beautiful things are created – I offer workshops and a craft workshop based on this motto. Afterwards, we will of course try out the wands and toys we have made and I will bring my set with me to show you what is possible. This activity is suitable for vacation programs or activity days at schools, for example. The age here is from primary school age.



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