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You want to enrich your children’s birthday party with bubbles?

Children birthday giant soap bubbles
Birthday boy in a bubble

The focus is on the birthday child and his guests. I will be very happy to come to you in the Augsburg/Munich area and the surrounding area. I bring my whole assortment of toys and show the guests how to play with them and support them in word and deed.

Of the action area, a large garden or yard or a public park or playground is best suited for the action. The time frame is in the frame of a good hour. Please ask me personally for the fee.

Children birthday giant soap bubbles
Soap Bubble Trick Bubble In Bubble

I will be happy to advise you by telephone on 01 77 – 71 17 80 6 (Börries Liebl) or simply send me your individual inquiry by e-mail to info@seifenblasenfabrik.de.

This action is equally suitable for all other private occasions, such as baptisms, school enrollments, etc., as well as all kinds of public events, e.g. district festivals, corporate events, etc.. For more information about my event offer, please visit
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For events in and around Berlin please contact
Corinne Bubblespowder
at 01 51-45 5316 97 (Corinne Cimafonte).

you will get a visual insight of my appearances and actions.

If you are not in my action area, you have the possibility in my
online store
to purchase the products and go into action yourself. In the online store you can also see the toys that are used in the performance.

Children birthday party with bubbles